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    Blue flash frames on export to SR with Blackmagic card.

    Peter Wilfred McAuley

      I'm new to this app and laid out my first project to HDCam SR via BlackMagic Decklink card. Blue frames were recoded at the start and end of the the long ProRes 4444 file. There were no blue frames at the head or tail of the bars. There were however blueframes at the head and tail of the slate that was created in Premeire. There are no blue frames when I just hit play and watch on the SDI Monitor. Also the in point selected to insert on tape is correct but the subsequent timeline points such as programm start at 1:00:00:00 are all moved up. The tape definately was striped properly at 23.976p which of course matches my media. Has anyone encountered these behaviours or no how to avoid this?


      Mac OS 10.8.4

      BlackMagic video desktop 9.7.5

      Premeire Pro 7.0.1