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    Partial migration to Revel


      Only 51 of my thousands of photos transferred to Revel. I was traveling and I expected it to be done automatically. how can I move my library over now?

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          Pattie F Employee Moderator



          Were your thousands of photos stored in the Elements organizer? If so, these files had to be configured to sync with Photoshop.com and only photos at Photoshop.com were migrated to Revel. You only had 263 files in Photoshop.com. Your account migrated and currently I see 52 photos in your Revel account with the same email (adobeid).  I am wondering if either you had a different photoshop.com account or you had files in Elements that were not configured to sync with Photoshop.com and therefore did not migrate.  The migration is complete and Photoshop.com sharing and storage is closed. If you want to upload files from your computer to Revel, you can do that from Elements11, your PC via adoberevel.com, or your mac using the Revel app. (you can also upload from iphone, ipad, android, and Lightroom)



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            cceswede Level 1



            Thanks for getting back to me so soon.I am sorry that the process was

            closed off while I was traveling. I don't know if part of the problem is

            because I have an older version of Elements.Could I upload from my older

            version of Elements to Revel?  So far in my attempts to upload from my

            computer, it only seems to take one photo at a time. That would be more

            time than I have.



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              Pattie F Employee Moderator

              Older versions of Elements do not interface with Revel, but you can uplaod directly from your hard drive if you know where the files are.


              You can tell a load of files to upload to Revel and then walk away while it copies them. You can upload from your hard drive to Revel by web browser at adoberevel.com or in the mac app. Both offer drag and drop. If you are unable to do this let me know and we'll figure out why.