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    SharedObject, using it to play an intro animation only once

    complexity Level 1
      Hi all,

      Having some difficulty getting my sharedobject to operate. All I am trying to do is have my intro animation play only once, so that I can use the same swf on multiple pages without showing the intro animation every time.

      If the 3rd page was viewed first the intro animation would play but then if the 2nd page was viewed the intro animation would not play (because it was already played on page 3).

      My code:
      logoload = SharedObject.getLocal("logoload1");

      if (_root.logoload.data.logoloadvar == undefined){
      } else if (_root.logoload.data.logoloadvar == "logoseen") {

      //_root.logo_mc //My trigger to say the intro has been played
      computer = System.capabilities.os;
      _root.logoload.data.logoloadvar = "logoseen";

      File here

      If someone could please help would be much appreciated.