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    How do I populate sequential dates in multiple fields from a button?

    JMVan7855 Level 1

      I have a button ("DatePop") which I want to use to populate two weeks of text boxes starting with the current date (Sunday through Saturday for two weeks). The field names are as follows:


      [Sunday through Saturday for week 1:]

      W1SnDt, W1MnDt, W1TuDt, W1WeDt, W1ThDt, W1FrDt, W1StDt


      [Sunday through Saturday for week 2:]

      W2SnDt, W2MnDt, W2TuDt, W2WeDt, W2ThDt, W2FrDt, W2StDt


      I would really like to give the option once the button is clicked for the user to enter the date to begin populating the fields. It would probably start with the value entered from the button populating "W1SnDt". After this was populating the rest of the fields could just add 1 day from the previous field.


      Here is a link to the document:

      https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/7186315/Hourly%20-%20New%20Hourly%20Timesheet%20v11%20 -%20Copy.pdf

      (Just an FYI - I'm going to make the button much more "user-friendly" once I get the date population worked out)


      I don't know hardly any javascript (although I'm trying to learn). Can anyone help? Thanks for your time.