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    Merging All Documents in a Folder into One Document [JS]


      Hey everyone,


      A couple of weeks ago I had to merge hundreds of individual indd files into one much larger one. Searching through this forum, I pieced together enough information to be able to write it, so I though I'd share it in case anyone else needed to do something similar. Feel free to use, make changes, whatever. The only caveat to this is that it occasionally messes up layer ordering when you override the master, so do a test run before you commit to using it. Not sure how to fix that.


      // DESCRIPTION: Mass combine a bunch of indd files into one.

      // 6 July 2013



      // Put all the files you want to combine into one document in a folder, named in the order

      // you want them to appear in the book (e.g. "001.indd", "002.indd", etc. or something) so

      // they appear correctly when sorted by name in finder/explorer.


      #target indesign-7.0


      // set the destination document as the active document.

      var destination_doc = app.activeDocument;


      // select the source folder

      var sourceFolder = Folder.selectDialog("Select a folder with source InDesign files.");


      // if we're not in the source folder, stop running the script.

      if ( !sourceFolder ) {




      // set file list and run through each file. Sorting them alphanumerically.

      var fileList = sourceFolder.getFiles();



      // run through each file

      for ( var i = 0; i < fileList.length; i++ ) {

      var source_file = fileList[i];

      // making sure it's an indesign file...

      if ( source_file instanceof File && source_file.name.match(/\.indd$/i)) {


      var source_doc = app.documents.item(source_file.name);

      var sourcePages = source_doc.pages.item(0);


      // break the master page items so they can be moved onto the new document.

      var masterItems = sourcePages.masterPageItems;

      if ( masterItems.length > 0 ) {

      for ( var j=0; j<masterItems.length; j++ ) {





      // removing the applied master (this can mess up some files if not done)



      // duplicating it in the original file (due to errors) and them moving it to

      // the destination document.

      sourcePages.duplicate(LocationOptions.AFTER, source_doc.pages.item(0));

      sourcePages.move(LocationOptions.AFTER, destination_doc.pages.item(-1));


      // closes the file that was opened without saving (to avoid memory problems)