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    FTP issues -even on WS_FTP. Please Help

    Bagger Vance
      I had a connection that was working fine and then it became disabled, through no action on our part. I deleted the connection and have been trying to create a new one since then without any success. I was so sure that the problem was with Contribute, that I didn't even bother to try another FTP program. Contribute was making the connection, but the folders in the directory were not showing on the second part of the wizard where you choose the location of the website. I know the FTP information is correct, because it is working on another computer. So finally tonight I decided to try WS_FTP to make sure it worked and I couldn't believe it when the same thing happened. I connect fine, but the folders do not show up. I even created a new folder which didn't show up on the problem computer, but shows up on my other computer. Surely this is a simple problem with a simple solution. I would be grateful for any help I could get, before I pull all my hair out.