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    Reimport form or remove submit feature from pdf


      I have a form that has nearly 1000 fields that I saved over the original pdf so when I went to edit it I only have the form version that was created with Forms Central. Are you telling me that I can't reimport this form into Forms Central? I have to recreate this form with over 1,000 fields that took about 8 hours to complete??!!

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          Genevieve Laroche Adobe Employee

          Did you design the form in FormsCentral or did you import the original PDF into FormsCentral.


          Unfortunately right now you can't import a FormsCentral PDF in FormsCentral (but this will change very soon).


          With the new feature coming soon you will be able to import FormsCentral PDF. If the form was designed in FormsCentral you won't be able to modify it in FormsCentral after the import as it will behave like any other PDF import (where you can only decide where to put the submit button).


          In the mean time you can try these steps (if you have Acrobat) to fix your issue