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    Trying to print. Get out of memory after ID rips for 10 minutes due to complex Illustrator image

    TwitchOSX Level 1

      We have an image from one of our clients. It was done in Illustrator and is extremely complex. When I try to set it 14-up in InDesign to print some labels, ID just rips and rips and rips and finally throws out an error saying "out of memory". I have about 4.5gb available. I tried to PDF the file and I can get a PDF, but when I try to print that to our copier, it just hangs and gives me "Acrobat is not responding" in the force quit window.


      Any thoughts? Anything I can do to make the Illustrator image not so crazy complex so that it will print?


      CS 5.5

      OSX 10.8