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    Trim with conflict?

    EmanateStudios Level 1

      Dear PrP Users,


      I am moving from FCP7 to PrP and enjoying it, especially with the new CS7(CC) PrP. I wondered however, is it possible to trim a clip one frame backwards or forwards with conflict? Meaning lets say I select a clip, and trim it back several frames to touch a clip in front of it, I then want it to stop me from going any further, as of right now if I tap to trim again it will ripple delete into the clip. In FCP7 it would beep at me once it hits the clip; signalling a conflict and wouldn't go any further.


      Reason this was useful to me was the fact it made me edit faster, didn't require me to squint and check I didn't delete any frames into the clip I already perfected.


      Only solutions or answers, please, no "you don't need that because I don't use it" nonsense.


      Thank you.