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    a tutorial of how to draw this ?


      please i need so much a tutorial of how to make exactly as this picture (i have a cs6 without 3D) because i don't have a good GPU .. any way to make it happen ? .. i spent hour trying too many layer styles but nothing ..


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          Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

          select the type tool > click on image > Alt 0128


          That will give you the Euro symbol. scroll through your fonts to find one you like.


          Double click the type layer to bring up layer styles, and add


          colour overlay

          Bevel emboss > Chisel > Change gloss contor to 'ring' (second one in on bottom row)


          fine tune above settings to suite.  If you can't get it right, right click the layer styles and choose 'Create layers'  This reduces the effect to single layers you can edit without the style creeping round corners sort of thing.


          Copy the type layer > Free transform > Flip vertically. move down to create reflection.  Move layer down the stack so it appear below the main Euro symbol


          Right click reflection and choose Rasterize Layer style


          Add a layer mask and run a white black gradient down the mask to make it fade with distance.


          Add a new layer between main and reflection > drag out eliptical marquee and fill with black > Ctrl d to kill selection, and gaussian blur > reduce layer opacity.


          I'll leave you to work out the details.

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            Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

            BTW Anyone recognize the font in the OP?

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              Lundberg02 Level 3

              Work out the details, Trevor? You just gave him the six week course.

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                Level 5


                Looks geometrically drawn to me. Century Gothic Bold Italic would be closest, maybe.


                Your "Alt 0128" will do diddly squat on Mac, Trevor. 


                We generate the Euro symbol on a Mac by pressing  the "Shift" and the "Option" keys together, simultaneously, and typing "2".  A single keystroke. 






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                  Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

                  Yes Station, I would certainly have created the symbol from scratch using the Pen tool, but I tought that a step too far for anyone needing to ask the question in the OP.   BTW, I seriously considered a Mac Book Pro for my forthcoming laptop purchase, but I really want a 17 inch screen, and with Apple discontinuing their large screen laptop, the viable options all seem to be Windows based.