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    RH10 Index in IE 9 and 10 - Loading In!


      Just got RoboHTML 10, and upgraded my RH 8 project.  I applied the Fixes Patch for RH10, both in Installation location (template skins) and outputs.  The patches did fix the font problems I was having in WebHelp output in the navigation panes.  And all is well when I click links from Contents, Index, or Search.


      But now in IE 9 and IE 10 browsers, my WebHelp output Index is loading in the Index - and you can see it moving!! - when I click the Index button.  So, I click the Index button and watch the Index - which has seemingly thousands of entries - fill in the Index pane.


      I did read a post from a RoboHelp user that relates to problems when Windows 2008 Server is the operating system - and that's what we're using here for our system and the associated WebHelp.  So perhaps Windows 2008 Server is interfering with the JavaScript for the Index getting enabled or disabled??  I'm not sure exactly - but it prompted me to think that this Index problem is related.


      Any ideas??  I did search this forum and Peter Grainge's wonderful site - but no answers jumped out at me. 


      Thanks as always to my fellow RoboHelp travellers!!



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          Freespirit-ST Level 1

          Oh, also - there's no problem when I "View Result" on my own IE 8 browser.  The Index output is "static" - not moving, just displays all together rather than "loading in" each entry.


          I am checking the RH10 WebHelp output via a remote connection to virtual machines that have IE 9 and IE 10 browsers.  The WebHelp output from RH10 are then copied to the local C: drives of each.  I'm then connecting to another virtual to our system via IE browsers.  Confusing, eh?

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            Freespirit-ST Level 1

            (I do realize I am replying to myself here!!  But wanted to pop this thread to the top.)


            I have applied fixes to my new RH 10 installation, with the patches for the install.  And I have generated WebHelp with the upgraded RH 10. 


            The generated WebHelp is being called by our Web-based application, from its database, for context-sensitive Help with a Help button, via a link for each HTM.  There is also a Show link at the top of the Help topic that's called.


            When I open the entire Help system via the Show link, the navigation pane appears with the Contents pane first.  However, when I click the Index button on my help toolbar, the Index is still displaying in a "rolling" fashion as I watch Index entries load in.  After it's all loaded in, I click on an Index entry, and then it's a blank right topic panel where I should be seeing the selected topic.  So, the same symptom that the RH 10 fix was supposed to fix.


            I even copied the 2 files from the fix for the output of an existing published WebHelp - whskin_frmset01.htm and whtbar.js - into the published WebHelp folder.  However, when I once again opened the Help from our application and used the Show link, the Index has the same symptom - Index visibly "loading in" and then no display of selected topics from Index (when it finally stops loading in).


            THEN, as a test, I opened the WebHelp start page HTM as a "stand alone" - so NOT from our application - launched from Windows Explorer.  And so it opened directly into IE 10 browser.  All works correctly when I do this!!  Index works correctly.


            THUS, there's something within our application that's conflicting - I'm suspecting it's something impacting the Java Script running the Index and Contents for WebHelp.  Any ideas??  I'm desperate - our Help is not fully functional.


            I've read other posts about the WebHelp needing to be a "trusted" site - and the entire installation for our application is "trusted".  And we even added the WebHelp folder, but no correction when Help is launched from our application


            The application is a Windows 2008 Server - and I've heard that referenced in other problematic scenarios.  Does anyone know where or what kind of files that my developer coworkers here can look at to help troubleshoot this problem??

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              Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

              OK so you have established the issue only occurs when the help is called from the application. That means the help is not the issue, it is the call.


              There is some information on my site about Calling WebHelp and more on http://www.wvanweelen.eu that may help the developers.



              See www.grainge.org for RoboHelp and Authoring tips




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                Freespirit-ST Level 1

                Yes, thank you, Peter!!  Because this only happens for the Index (Contents and Search are fine), I'm thinking it could be a Java Script thing ?? 


                I will check your site and the other site for "Calling WebHelp" info.  Always good information on your sites!!


                Thanks again!