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    Responsive Design - Switch between right/left position

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      Objective: Trying to dynamically switch an elements position from left to right during window resize.

      Example: A "menu" is in 'left':'-100px' position, When window size exceeds 1200px, its position becomes 'right':'distance'

      Failed Attempt: It looks like if I have the element's position set to left in properties panel then it only accepts further modifications on 'left' property, similarly if I change it to 'right' in properties panel then it only applies the 'right' inputs.


      sym.$("menu").css("left","-100px") //in properties panel I have the same settings, left=-100, positioned to left


      $(window).resize(function() {


                                          distance= some calculations here

                                          sym.$("menu").css("right",distance)//Missing something here? like 'position':'right'???