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    Morph a horse head into a human head of course

    Netcommercial Level 1

      Hey All,


      I was thinking about making a horse head talk, but I want it to morph into a human's head at the end.  I was wondering the path to use? I was thinking about animating masks to do it. Where I use a horse's head video and lip sync so that he (the horse) talks and at the end of comp; I would like to make the talking horse's head turn into the actor who I placed the head of the horse on, of course.


      I am in need of an educated push in the right direction for the morph part. I get the track and lip sync fine, However I was wondering about the Morph. I have morphed shapes, one into another, but never as described above. Where my lip sync horse head video then morphs into a humans head video.


      I watched a Scott Kramer video on making demon faces, however that is morphing into a demon face and not a specific recognizable "real" looking person/ horse in my case. (Two vastly different shapes) In Kramer's video it starts from a real person, then morphing it via animate mask, animating back to the real person in which the mask transformed from.

      My case is different, going from a horse head video to a human head video....In which the video morphing is taking place from video of real Actor/Horse and not just an inanimate piece of art then morphing.


      Any help is as always appreciated.