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    Color a placed vector file in Indesign?


      My Team and I have been creating a lot of style guides lately. Through out the guides there are always many pages that list the approved color swatches. We typically paste a vector icon into the guide that is then colored to match the approved swatches any where needed. This all works great until the client decides they want to change the icon and then we have to manually update every page and recolor the new icon. Is there a way to place a vector icon file into the guide and then color it from there? So that if we were to ever have to change the icon we could and it would automatically adjust?


      Thanks for the help!

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          Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant

          My idea is:

          Make this item in illustrator. Give them a specific color name without any conflict with an existing spot color like Pantone or HKS. Define the colors like "Corporate Coor 1" or whatever you want as "Placeholder Colors". Be sure they are defined as global color and spot color. (All spot colors are global anyway.)


          In InDesign load the final spot color and in the Ink Manager (it is found on several places, e.g. go to the Swatch panel's menu > Ink Manager) specify the determined spot colors for your "Placeholder colors".


          In case of changed colors you need only to choose a different replacement color in the ink manager.


          If you need to replace the Placeholder Color with a Process Color, specify a own Spot Color in InDesign with the wanted Color mix, use this as replacement color, but choose the option to output this swatch as process color.

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            John Mensinger Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            The functionality you describe isn't available in the standard feature set. There may be some scripting solutions to making the replacements when you have to, but here's what I'd do with that to at least save a few steps in the event of an icon change:


            Instead of pasting and coloring each icon instance throughout the style guide separately, make a separate, single page InDesign file containing one copy of the icon in each color. Now Place the InDesign file at each icon instance and frame-crop down to the desired color. If/when the icon needs replacing you'll just need to do it once in the linked InDesign file to update throughout.