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    Real People but Flash background

      Hi, I have a question but really don't know if it related to Actionscript tho, hope you guys can help me anyway. I created an office background in flash by using the drawing tool in flash, now I have a video with a real person working in an office, I wanted to import the video to my flash office but only the person without the real office background. I'm not sure if you know know what I mean but if you've seen some crazy flash site b4 you may see real ppl working in a hand drawn background and such. I really wanted to know how to import such video.

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          Dcon Level 1
          You will need to shoot your video on a Chroma Key back ground, either solid Green or Blue. Then in a video editor, you must remove the Green or Blue backgrouind using the Chroma Key feature of the video editor. What you have left then is the people. Then in Flash export your office background (that you developed) as an image. Import this image into your video editor, then import the video into the video editor and set it as an overlay, you will have people with your office background behind them. Save the video!

          I hope this helps...

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            SEPHlROTH Level 1
            Thanks, I will try it later. :)