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    Sync Settings


      So, while it's nice that you can sync some settings, the net result of DW syncing is that it wipes out my FTP User/Pass everytime. What in the world is the point of that "feature?"

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          sudarshan.t Level 6

          it wipes out my FTP User/Pass everytime.


          Can you please elaborate? Do you mean DW is not saving the password you enter into your Server configuration for your 'Site' within DW?

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            bgupta16 Adobe Employee

            What is your preferences set in DW CC? Preferences < Sync Settings < Conflict Resolution.

            Are you syncing local or cloud settings?

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              NDSRIVATSA Adobe Employee

              Hi R8th,


              We do not sync username and password information of the site to the cloud. This is to avoid any security threats.

              Please note that once you have entered username and password informations on a machine, the subsequent sync will not wipe it out on that machine.