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    InDesign CS4 freezes on startup when creating large document




      I have a fresh install of CS4 from a student edition I purchased a couple of years ago on a Macbook Pro running Mountain Lion. I am trying to create a 36" x 48" scientific poster.


      I start InDesign, select Document, and then enter a custom page size.  My preferences are set so that inches are the default units. I click on create document, and the document shows up. Any subsequent click anywhere in the application causes the spinning beach ball of doom to appear and I can't give any input to the program.  It just sits there indefinitely until I finally force quit it.


      I have tried restarting, etc. My computer has 8GB of RAM so that shouldn't be a problem for a blank document.


      [edit] At first I thought it was the document size. But when I tried creating a document of default size the same thing happens.


      [edit] I thought maybe it was a problem with licensing or something since it was a new install. But I just tried Photoshop and it works fine.