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    Multicam- Multiple Audio Tracks into single sequence????

    St Joe Editor

      Multicam with several audio tracks question.

      I've watched tons of tutorials and read tons of blogs but can't find the answer.



      I want all my audio tracks to be nested into one single track, just like my video tracks, in order to allow me to edit each audio track in my original multicam sequence.



      So I drag a multicam sequence down into another sequence, I get one video track and one audio track.  My video track reflects all the angles in my multicam, but my audio track only references audio track 1 from the multiple audio tracks in my multicam sequence.  Why can't I hear all the tracks?  Nothing is muted, nothing is solo.  But yet I'm only hearing what is on audio track 1.



      How can I set the sequence clip to play all the audio tracks that are in the multicam sequence????

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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          This is normal.  A1 is the only track that comes over during a multicam edit.  Once you're done editing, you can nest the multicam original a second time on track 2.  Delete the video portion, and move the audio up to track 1 replacing the cut audio track.  Do not enable multicam and you will have all your original audio back.

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            St Joe Editor Level 1

            Why doesn't Adobe allow playback of all the audio tracks?  That's what I want it to do.  That would make things so much easier.  Then I don't have to export anything and bring it back in. 


            Just like everything else in Adobe, it should be simple and non-destructive with editable layers, all in one sequence...  Then simply drag that edited sequence onto another sequence and hear everything I did from all my audio tracks, just like you do with multiple video layers nested in one sequence.


            Please have them review this issue. 

            I've read dozens of blogs about this same issue, but no one had an answer.


            Anyone else have a simple easy way of nesting the audio tracks so I can edit the audio tracks individually in one sequence, then drag and drop that sequence into another sequence, allowing me to hear every audio track from that sequence?????

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              St Joe Editor Level 1

              Just figured it out.


              First I updated software to Adobe Suite CC.


              I have a sequence with multiple layers, both video and audio, on my timeline with several cameras, each with their own live sound, and a seperate music track.


              I drag that layered sequence from my project bin onto my new master sequence.

              Now I can actually hear every audio track from that edited sequence, even though it is nested into one single audio track on my new master sequence.


              This is what I wanted. 


              thank you