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    Plug-In not working, Latest Flash is installed properly, Apple.com told me to contact Adobe directly


      I was on the phone with Apple.com support and, after trouble-shooting everything, they told me that the plug-in for Adobe is not installed properly or has some kind of bug.  My Flash is not working in Safari -- I cannot view any youtube or Hulu videos, etc, and I get an error message telling me to download the latest version of Flash.  Apple.com support person told me I have properly installed the latest version of Flash (and all my other software is up to date) but that something is wrong with the plug-in and only Adobe would know how to fix that since it's their software.  This problem only occurs in Safari.  My Flash player works in Firefox but that is not my preferred browser, which is why I want the problem fixed.  Flash also works when I open a guest account.  HELP!  I have a 9-day old newborn baby and cannot afford to a) take my computer in to the Apple store or b) not watch videos while I'm home all day with a crying newborn.  Thank you in advance!