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    Premier Elements 9 - DVD Main Menu not showing navigation highlights


      Hi All,

      Apologies if this discussion / question appears twice. I seemd to lose the original and did not think it had been posted.

      New to Adobe and just started using Premier Elements 9 for a basic DVD project.


      I managed to work out importing, editing, transitions, adding soundtrack etc and got to the DVD Menu stage where everything seemed to come together.

      Once i had burned to DVD i checked it worked on the PC which it did but when i tried in a number of DVD players, there was an issue with Main Menu marker navigation.

      This project has a main and four scene menus plus an 'Extras' marker i added to the Main Menu pointing toward Stills..

      On all the Scene menus, i can see a clear highlight dot move from scene to scene as i navigate with the remote, showing where I am as you would expect.

      On the Main Menu however, where i have Play Movie, Scenes and Extras markers, there is no sign of any dot or highlight to tell you which of these you are currently on so its a lottery as to which you get when navigating with a remote from the Main Menu.


      I am pretty sure this is user error and if anyone has thoughts of what i have done or not done when i set up the DVD Menu section maybe, i would very much appreciate it.


      A little additional info is apart from adding the 'Extras' button to the main menu i imported a still image/Logo to show up in the middle of the menu screen and added a sound clip to the main and all the 'Scene menus.

      Whether that has anything to do with it i don't know.


      thank you in advance for any clues as to what i have done wrong.




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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          What specific disc menu are you using in this Premiere Elements 9.0/9.0.1 project?


          How many main menu, scene menus, stop markers on the Timeline? What is the general setup of your Timeline with regard to the markers that you have applied to the Timeline?


          How many main menu pages and how many scene menu pages.


          Premiere Elements 9 and its disc menus were hit by major problems which were never patched by Adobe. We "patched" the issue of the missing replacement backgrounds by adding muted or no muted audio to the affected menus (and there were many), and have written about this in this forum.


          Several of the menus (Premiere Elements any version) have been found to have problems with navigation using TV remote during the DVD-VIDEO playback via TV DVD player.


          Once I get the requested information, I will give your issue a first hand look to rule factors in or out.


          We will be watching for your follow up.





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            psutt Level 1

            Hi ATR,

            Many thanks for the reply i hope the following covers what you need:


            • V9.0.1
            • Disc menu / 'Holidays and Events' / 'Fun In The Sun'
            • 1 main menu with default 'Play Move' / 'Scene Selection' / plus 1 additional main menu marker ' Extras: The Stills' from the Timeline
            • 1 added Logo still to to the main menu under 'Menu Background'
            • 1 30 second audio clip added to main menu and all scene menus(same clip).
            • 4 x Scene menus, each with 4 movie snippets totalling 16 clips
            • Timeline consists of 16 short clips. Each between 30secs and 2 ish minutes long and each Scene Menu marked with no stops. Dip to black transitions between each.
            • Then rolling Credits scene (not scene marked and no stop) from 'Titles / Kids Corner / Kids Channel / kids_pal_s_credits
            • Next is a title for the following stills using 'PerformanceStar_title
            • Dip to black
            • Then 55 still images with cross fade transitions - No markers or stops on any of the stills
            • Dip to black then end logo
            • Dip to black - Finish




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              A.T. Romano Level 7



              Good new and bad news.


              The type of highlighting on the Fun In The Sun has caused problems in the past independant of Premiere Elements version. Once I saw that you were using that one, I was sure it was the menu and no user involvement.


              Nonetheless, I did not want to take anything for granted, so I duplicated the project that you described, including road testing the resulting DVD-VIDEO on DVD using my TV and its DVD player. All the highlights were just fine, main menu, scene menu, navigating with the TV Remote. The TV is a 19 inch LCD type.


              These menus exist in the program files as .psd sets, one for standard (s), one for widescreen (w), and one for high definition (hd). The choice of the project preset directs which set will be available to you in the disc menus section of the program. I used the project preset = NTSC DV Widescreen and my TV is set for 16:9 480i.


              There are some areas I will dig into here, but first I wanted to ask


              1. What did you use as your project preset in the new project dialog?

              2. When you burned to disc DVD, was your preset choice DVD-VIDEO standard or DVD-VIDEO widescreen?


              The answers to the above will help me to probe further into a cause of your issue with the main menu highlights and TV remote.





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                psutt Level 1

                Hi ATR,

                Interesting about the 'Fun In The Sun' and great to hear you have tried to replicate.

                I don't know if this has any bearing on the issue as i know the scene menu markers work but the source amterial is from an NTSC JVC at HD Res and initially i created and edited in NTSC but laid down to disc as PAL as i am in the UK. That caused some nasty interlace flicker on the menus so subsequest burns were done retaining the format through to disc.

                In answer to your  two questions:


                1. Under Project settings / Editing Mode - HD1080i / Time base: 29.97fps / 1920 x 1080 / Display Format: 30fps Drop Frame Timecode. Capture Format: HDV /  Video Render: Max Bit Depth / Optimize Stills.


                2. DVD Video Widescreen.




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                  A.T. Romano Level 7



                  Thanks  for the additional information.


                  I have two things for you to try to see if we can get closer to answering the whys,


                  1. Start a new PAL DV Widescreen Premiere Elements project. Place on the Timeline a bunch of photos...scene markers for each. Place another bunch of photos on the Timeline and put a main menu marker for the first of this group. Disc Menus...Fun In The Sun...Then burn to disc DVD using the PAL DVD-VIDEO Widescreen preset. Can you navigate those main menu buttons?


                  2. In the same project that you are dealing with now, just replace the menu with any other. I would use a copy of the current project. When in Disc Menus, hit AutoPlay to  flush out the existing menu and then replace with it with the new menu choice. Then burn to disc DVD using the NTSC DVD-VIDEO Widescreen preset (as I have understood that you have been doing). Can you navigate those main menu buttons?





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                    psutt Level 1

                    Hi ATR,


                    My sincere apologies for not getting back to you sooner. This project has been above and beyond my day to day work as an integrator to the Post Production area and everything went a little nuts over the last few weeks.




                    I wanted to let you know that I was successful in the end, thanks to your input.




                    I ended up substituting the ‘Fun in the Sun’ with’ Memory Box’ HD under ‘Memories’ and this was the magic solution.


                    I got bogged down trying to lengthen rolling end credits and  lengthening a title plate that headed the Extras but I left as is in the end.


                    The main thing was the menus worked just fine after the change so I won’t go near Fun in the Sun again if I do another sometime.




                    I kept it to NTSC widescreen and it looked fine.




                    Many thanks again for your input.




                    Kindest Regards


                    Peter Sutton








                    Technical Director


                    Kaurus® Limited





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                      A.T. Romano Level 7

                      Peter Sutton,


                      Great news about your success with your project.


                      We appreciate the follow up. There are several Adobe disc menus that are frequently problematic so it is always good to check in with us to sort out the Adobe menu problem from something else.


                      Continued success with your work,