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    Woo Woo! Wanna see my video? (Hunt, Romano, Grisetti!)

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         Sorry about the earlier rant against YouTube. Don't know what the problem was ... perhaps a result of our recent electrical storm. (In my neighborhood the electricity was out for 3.5 hours.) May be that the Clear Communications WiFi HotSpot was malfunctioning. Good thing there's a Language Nanny here at the Forum. I don't deal well with frustration, and I have a fecund vocabulary of rich Anglo Saxon adjectives and gerunds! I could've got myself into trouble.


         Whatever the reason for the Google blockage, it passed, and just a few minutes ago I uploaded my most recent Answer Print.

         There's a long black clip in the middle of the video. This is intentional. The black area will be filled with multiple split-screen videos of The Strip (with SFX, "casino voices," and maybe some music), mostly night shots, culminating in the Belagio fountains.

         My principal concerns are these:

         1. Bill, you commented that the text at the bottom of the frame was cut off. In my own viewing, via my 17.3-inch HP laptop, there hasn't been any clipping at the sides, bottom, or top. There are two reviews rollups and a final rollup of ending text, with my own quote at the bottom. Are any of these clipped at sides, top, or bottom?

         2. Guys, my hearing is not the best. Should I do any polishing or tweaking of the aplitude and frequency of my VO?

         3. And, on a subjective basis, am I depending too much on the smarts of viewers to percieve both narrative and visual components, when each demands simultaneous attention?


         Here's the link:





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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          In answer to your thread question, Yes, glad for the opportunity. I watched it about 3 times before replying in your thread.


          This is not a critique but rather questions about your video presentation.


          1. At the end of the video, you invite the viewer to view Kick Start previews of your new book at your web site, but I do not see the web site address in the video. Feature to come?


          2. You have a dazzling effect of passing months with text zooming in from the background. Very attractive. What is the effect representing? Passage of time until the book comes out or something else?


          3. Your voice has a good audio quality as well as a distinguished quality to it. What are you picking up on that makes you think that you want tweak it?


          4. I did not pick up on any cutting off of text viewing the YouTube video with  my 19 inch Widescreen computer monitor.


          5. Are you planning on doing any more with the panning and zooming of the maps in the early parts of the video?


          Thanks for the good news about Google and YouTube. I have not been having any issues there and was going to start researching the matter for you. But all seems well for you now in that regard.



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               Much thanks for your thoughtful response.


               1. The context of a Kickstarter project consists of the Written Pitch, the Video, and the Rewards. Here's a successful example:




               As stated in my VO, I direct people to the text of the Kickstarter presentation. "If you'll take just a moment to read the text of this Kickstarter presentation, you'll find a link ..." The text (the "Written Pitch") of course, is separate from the video. I'm still working on the text, as well as on the Rewards.


               2. In the context of the passing months and Grass's quote zooming in, I state in VO that "Unfortunately all the publishers, editors, and agents I once knew have retired." The passing months are the passage of time since the publication of Hungarian. It's a statement that endorses the fact that I no longer have any juice in the publishing centers of New York and Boston. And a justification for self-publishing a test-market version, and ultimatly turning to the Kickstarter crowd for resources to republish Last Days. And the Grass quote is a validation of my approach to the novel, as art rather than as commercial hack-work. (Endorsed by my final statement about the best revenge.)


               3. My hearing isn't all that hot, frankly. I was concerned that the amplitude might not be consistent throughout, and that the frequency of my voice might not be consistent either.


               4. Whew!!!!


               5. Nope. End of map (courtesy of Central Intelligence copyright-free product). The panning and zooming of the map, as well as a lot of other cool tricks, are thanks to Grisetti.


               For thanks to Romano, look at ...

               The "KICK" animations

               The flying-back image of Roy, fading into the billboards

               The dropping into the video frame and then the shifting to the right of the Hungarian Game cover

               The fading and overlapping foreign versions of Hungarian.

               The Hungarian cover that fades magically into the Last Days cover

               The passing months (The expanding/zooming technique on the Grass quote is thanks to Aramis)

               The sliding and opening Last Days book (prelude to "Sneak Preview" invitation)

               The "KICK START" animation

               The above were not created in Premiere Elements. These were all Photoshop/ImageReady animations (that is, QuickTime movies), which I was able to produce only thanks to certain A.T. Romano.


               Again, thank you for your feedback, Porthos.



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                 Romano . . .


                 On reflection, there's this.

                 The point of the passing months and Günter Grass's observation was three-fold:

                 1- All the contacts I once had in publishing have retired.

                 2- Publishing itself has changed radically, insofar as there are now only 5 congomerates that dominate the field, and the congloms are run by bean-counters and marketing suits, rather that editors and publishers who love literature.

                 3- It's therefore logical to try to make an end run around the establishment, in order to get an epic, challenging novel into readers' hands.

                 And of course the Grass quote justifies items 2- and 3-.

                 But it may be that I should make a clearer point of the passage of time (1-), in order to indicate that it's been very long since I was last in touch.

                 Obviously I don't want to do that in actual, specific years. Hungarian was published before many of Kickstarter's potential sponsors were born!

                 I think the answer is to fade and perhaps diminish all the following months, so that the last of them can hardly be seen. This will imply a great passage of time.

                 An alternative would be the old "pages peeling off a calendar and flying away in the wind' gag. If I can find that in a copyright-free or cheap animation, I'll go for it. Don't think I have the patience to make one up from scratch. (Do you know of a resource for wonderful and corny old clichés like that? They used to be available at places like WalMart.)


                 Wotcha think?



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                A.T. Romano Level 7



                Another 5 watches of your YouTube video, focusing on those months. Have you given thought to changing the months to years, but keeping the effect?



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                     Yes, I've given thought to using years. But as stated in my response above, "Obviously I don't want to do that in actual, specific years. Hungarian was published before many of Kickstarter's potential sponsors were born!" Hence the thought quickly died.

                     My hope is that I can infer a long passage of time, rather than explicitly state that all of my contacts in the publishing biz were made sometime during the paleolithic era, when dinosaurs roamed Broadway and Madison Ave.


                     I want to chop a partial second off the image of my face, which precedes the "I'm Roy Hayes ..." VO intro, and will also be remaking the flying months as mentioned above. Sometime tomorrow I should have a new Answer Print up at YouTube. (Not that the work will take very long, but I have a boat-load of other chores today.)

                     On Friday and Saturday I'll be getting more movies on The Strip, and should have them integrated into a final Answer Print sometime next week. Stay tuned!


                     As always, thank you for your thoughtful and insightful response.