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    Why is it now impossible to upgrade from Audition CS5.5 to CS6?


      I've obviously waited too long for Adobe to fix all the things in CS5.5 that weren't brought over from Audition 3, and to put them into CS6.

      Sadly now I can't carry on with my chosen upgrade path without the ruinously expensive CC version, the cost of which is prohibitive now that I'm retired!


      Sad to say, this decision by Adobe means that I am having to give up use of Audition and move to a competitor's product! It also means that my recommendation to other radio broadcast users here in the UK is to no longer follow this program unless they have the Beeb's financial backing in acquiring it.


      A real shame! It was always my 'go-to' tool of choice for anything audio. Still, it's their loss ....!