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    Ratings and Comments vs Ratings and Comments?


      A little background, we are currently on CQ 5.4 but are working on migrating to AEM 5.6.  In 5.4 we overlaid the OOTB Comments/Ratings components so now when we upgrade we have a few issues that we need to work out.  While looking at the code differences between OOTB 5.4 and OOTB 5.6 you can see that everything related to Ratings and Comments in 5.6 is deprecated. 


      Ok.  We'll deal with the upgraded version then... problem is the Adobe documentation still actively promotes the old (now deprecated) ratings and comments components:


      http://dev.day.com/docs/en/cq/5-6/administering/social_communities/comments_and_ratings.ht ml


      As well as what appears to be the new ones:


      http://dev.day.com/docs/en/cq/5-6/developing/DevelopingWithSocialCommunities/SocialCommuni tiesElements/UsingRatings.html


      Even the Geometrixx code in 5.6 uses a mixed bag of old and new depending on which part of the Geometrixx code you are looking at.  The sidekick in 5.6 has the old "Collaboration" group as well as the "Social Collaboration" group with a Ratings and Comments component under each group. 


      Clearly we don't want to continue using code that is deprecated if we can help it but there are features in the old Ratings component that don't seem to be available in the new Ratings component.  Namely the ability to rate a page as an anonymous user.  The ability to "allow comments" is not clearly defined either.  I can see it working in the Geometrixx example on the second link above but I can't figure out how to configure it from the dialog or documentation.


      Additionally it looks like all the comments and ratings are going to be stored in a different place in the repository.  Is there any migration tool to move existing comments to the new structure?


      Any help is appreciated,