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    Audio visible on timeline, not on VU meters  ??


      anyone come across this ?


      I'm up to day 4 and my faith in this app is fading.....


      I can see and hear audio on timeline and VU meters, I make a dupe, all OK, I work on other sequences, no problem,

      however I come back to my dupe timeline and I can't hear audio or see it registering in the VU meters, although I see it in the timeline waveform ???


      I can match from timeline to source and audio is OK, I can reveal original in Finder and it plays OK


      There doesn't seem to be any pattern, I've also had audio dissapearing from working timelines.


      Although I've only been a Premiere Pro convert for a few weeks, at first I thought it was finger trouble, but unless there is a hidden function to disable audio apart from Muting or Soloing in left of timeline, I feel it must be a bug.


      I'm on an iMac with latest OS


      I've had 20+ years on NLE's (Avid and FCP) so I can (until now) work around issues.


      I've been on to Adobe, twice, I've uninstalled, downloaded, installed, transcoded files.


      In the end I go back to earlier project backups, they work for a while then, suddenly back to square one.


      Any help greatly appreciated,



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          Kevin-Monahan Adobe Employee

          Hi Rob,

          Sorry for the trouble, that sounds really odd. Which version of Premiere Pro are you using? Any other details you can garner like the type of footage you were working on?


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            PSEROB Level 1

            hi Kevin,


            the bin info states the file in question is a .mpg 1440 x 1080   48000Hz Compressed Stereo mapped to 2 Mono ( maybe this is important, but the fact that I can see it on the timeline but not hear no VU register is baffling)

            I'm using the latest Premiere Pro CC  7.0.1

            iMac OS 10.8.4  12gigs RAM

            I have successfully used this 50 minute file for many weeks with no problem. I can play, skim and hear all OK.

            I export from suspect timeline and file is mute.

            I suspect there is more than 1 issue at play here, as other timelines suddenly have lost their audio.


            I've not updated / loaded any dodgy software, could there be a Quicktime bug?





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              Mark Mapes Adobe Employee

              Does the audio go silent during the course of a single session, or does it disappear only when you save, close, and reopen the project?

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                PSEROB Level 1



                I have a number of sequences within a project, yes the audio randomly disappears sometime between working on sequences, no I do not close the project.


                All my media is on local drives. It is many files that are affected, I've been using them for months, until a few days ago...


                I spent time on the phone to Adobe, the 3rd overseas operator in as many days, they said they would get a tech to call back.... 6 hours on and I'm still waiting...


                I must say the after sales service is sadly lacking...


                I don't have time, waiting for the return call so,


                I'm back to rebuilding my sequences, ie match framing to hundreds of clips and dropping back into timeline.    



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                  Stef FW

                  I have the same issue, random clips in edit lose audio after re-opening project. One channel the waveform is still there. The other channel it's flat. No output on VU meters

                  Even the music layer below my footage is not playing at the spots were the affected clips sit.


                  Also iMac / Mountain Lion


                  Any response yet?



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                    Mark Mapes Adobe Employee

                    @PSEROB: I'm not familiar with a problem like what you're reporting. Prior to this issue, did you routinely dupe sequences without any such problems?


                    When did you apply the 7.0.1 update? If you did that before this problem started happening, then I have to suspect that something else changed on your system. I know you reported "I've not updated / loaded any dodgy software," but genuine bugs in the code don't usually just start happening if neither your workflow nor your content has changed.


                    While corrupted  prefs or cache files do not feel like the most likely suspects in this case, eliminating them as suspects is easy enough.

                    • Prefs: press Shift+Option as you launch the app, and continue holding the keys until the splash screen appears.  You will know you successfully trashed preferences when the splash screen doesn’t have projects listed.
                    • Cache files: go to /Users/<USERNAME>/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Common and delete or rename the folders named "Media Cache" and "Media Cache Files"


                    @Stef FW: If you are working in a project that you started in  CS6 or earlier, then you might be hitting a known bug. I'm not familiar with the particulars of it, or if there's a workaround. I'll take a look at the report and get back to you ASAP (unless one of my colleagues beats me to it.)

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                      Stef FW Level 1

                      Hmm...that good definitely be the case, I'm starting projects from an old CS5.5 or 6 template file.

                      But how do I fix a timeline that already has these issues?

                      Copy paste timeline content into a new CC project

                      or export xml and import in a new CC project?

                      or some other way?




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                        PSEROB Level 1

                        I'd like to say I've solved the problem, but after spending another day, including 2 hours to Adobe, I'm where I was 6 days ago ;(


                        Adobe thought it may have been the Soundflower that at some time had been installed, I've gotten rid of Soundflower, but the problem persists.


                        As  my livelihood depends on this, I really need to get on top of this,  I'm a few days away from jumping back to Avid. I don't want to spend $1000+ , but what good is an edit application that can't edit audio?


                        Yes Mark, I would say the error started last Friday, and that coincides with the 7.0.1 update, and yes I've done the clean cache and preferences trash.


                        And no, I can't go back to version 6 because it is not backward compatible.


                        thanks folks for as much feedback as possible,




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                          I'm curious as to whether or not this will help but try to move the problematic audio to a different audio track and reopen Premiere to see if the issue persists?


                          I hope it turns out well.