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    Problem moving photos from one comp to another in LR 4


      I am having a problem with moving my photos from a MacBook Pro to a PC laptop.  All the files reside in one directory on an external drive.  I copied the catalog from the Mac to the PC, connected the drive, started LR and pointed to the copied catalog.  As expected, LR did not know where the files from the external drive were, so I highlighted the drive, right clicked the photo directory and told it to find missing files.  I then pointed it to the proper directory on the drive.  It only partially worked.  Several of the subdirectories on the drive did not relink.  If I take the drive off the PC and put it back on the Mac, the subdirectories are properly linked, where on the PC, some aren't.


      I can reimport, but then I have to do edits all over again on those photos.  Does anyone have any ideas?