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    "Ink" Signatures in Acrobat Pro XI

    1957GoldTop Level 1

      I upgraded to Acrobat Pro XI and I can't find a way to use my Wacom tablet to write or sign on a document.  In the previous version under the sign tab there was a "place ink signature" where I could write with my Wacom tablet.  It seems to have been replaced in XI with a "Place signature" button that allows you to create a saved "ink" signature and then just "stamp" that signature when you click on the "Place signature" button.  That is great most of the time, however I often get documents where this button will not work.  On some documents when I click it I get a dialog box that says:

      To electronically sign this document or place initials, please click save a copy.


      THis is obviously not what I want to do.  I don't want to electronically sign the document.


      Two questions:

      1.  Why does this happen on some documents while with others the "ink signature" that is saved works fine.

      2.  How do I just "write" on a document with my tablet?