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    Possible to include merge fields with exported PDF?




      I have only a simple question - is it possible to include data merge fields when exporting to pdf?


      Using InDesign CS2, we are doing a direct mailing campaign and having the printing outsourced. It is a 4 page document with only page 1 personalised - sending to over 1,500 recipients.


      The printer says he doesn't want our indesign file, he just wants us to create the 4 page indesign document, prepare the data merge fields, export to pdf and then send it to him.


      He says he'll then import it back into his own indesign one he gets this pdf and do the merge himself with the excel .csv file we provide.


      Does this sound about right? If so, how can I ensure the pdf is correct to send over?


      I have managed to get the data merge fields to be clickable like links in the exported PDF by including 'hyperlinks' and 'interactive elements' when exporting - but is this correct?


      Thank you in advance for all your help...