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    InDesign overset text indicators


      I have a document in which several pages have overset text indicators, but the text is not overset. There is actually space for more text within the text frames.  I have not been able to see how to get rid of the overset indicators.

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          roenoz Level 2

          You will not be able to remove the overset indicator. But if you are being bothered of that indicator and since preflight panel always prompt you that you have overset text then I suggest that you have to removed those extra spaces you have in every frame.


          Try this one if this will help you.


          1. Save a copy of your InDesign file. (for Backup purposes)
          2. If you are using Mac cmd + f or ctrl + f for Windows
          3. In find change dialog Click GREP and in Find what: field copy paste this [\r]{2,} or this one [\r|\n]{2,}
          4. Leave the Change to to blank:
          5. In Search Select Document
          6. Click Change All


          See Screenshot:


          Always check your InDesign files if you noticed that some text might be missing.


          Hope it helps.

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            Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant

            I think you will have several paragraphs with no signs in them at the end. You should go on the first place to the preflight panel and look if there is hidden text on the end of the story. If not you can delete it.

            You could also use Find & Change as roenoz wrote or use the predefined query in Find/Change dialog "Remove trailing space", but in both cases you should have a clean formatted document, that means no several returns in succession to create space between paragraphs are allowed. But if you have formatted your document with empty lines and paragraphs I can only recommend to find it manually.

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              Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              It may also be helpful to open the stories in question in InDesign's Story Editor, where you can view any overset set as well as see an overset indicator. Select the story and choose Edit > Edit in Story Editor.