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    Fonts issue with MathType EPS in InDesign

    John J David Level 1

      We have been using MathType 6.7e version for creating equations as eps format on Mac OS 10.6. We will import the same into InDesign CS6 for doing pagination. On a particular title, we have used the OTF font name "KozGoPro-Regular.otf" (Chinese/Japanese font) in the MathType to create the equation.


      When we place this eps file (MathType) in InDesign CS6, a pop-up error message appears on the InDesign (screen shot appended below) and the eps file has turned to grey box without appearing actual content. The problem is with the font using in MathType equation  and import into InDesign whereas no issue if we could apply the same font for a text in InDesign. The appearance of the text shows right font without issue.


      Much appreciated if you could help me on this issue.

      screenshot 107.jpg