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    Workflow Payload update needed once we move the node(payload path)

    snayakar Level 1

      Hi ,

      When you moved your node in a workflow process,how the new payload should be used in the further workflow process steps.


      if we use the payload in the further workflow process steps, this will give an error , as the payload which the workflow process is pointing at has been moved now.


      Can anybody help me to set the new payload for the workflow process, after the  node is moved to a different position.


      For example: when I started the workflow my Node is point at sourcepath=  /content/usergenerated/mycomments/mycommentpage

      If I moved this node path to destination path= /etc/commerce/products/approvedcomments/mycommentpage.



      My two questions are


      1 Do we need to set the new payload path ?

      2. Why there is no method called setPayload() in WorkflowData? is there a specific reason?


      Your help in this regard will be much appreciated