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    Hi, I need help with scrolling

    PhantomoreX Level 1

      Hello I am Kevin Jin, I am working a huge project acually not that big, but I need help with five things, i mihgt have more things in my mind but here it is


      1. I need help with scrolling like where you have buttons for example or press on a navigation bar tab, then it goes to that specific pace of the page, for a one page website, for example some sites you press on contacts and gose down to the bottom of the page where the contacts place is located, not opening a new link.


      2.Second also I need help with navigation bar, where it fallows the scroll as it gose down, like for example when it is html the object is fixed to the top, and when you scroll down it will fallow it it,



      3.I need Parallex scrolling where you can have the timeline or animations run while you scroll in the meantime and have animation running all the time, for example the infographic site where the bees are fluying but still have seperate animations while you scroll


      4.I am so sorry i have two more to go, i appreciate your help, I would also like to ask if like looping each animations sperately, not looping the whole timeline, can it be possible to loop an animation while you have all the interactivity witht he site like looping seperately all the time, without interfeering with all the other animation


      5.I also are wondering if you can create multiple pages on one animate project, like multiple pages with html


      I just moved on to edge animate from html, and html was also beirf learn for me and mostly i was doing design work, and i thought getting out of graphic river and moving on the theme forest would be a better idea for me, thank you guys so much of the help and add me on skype : kevin2019170 or add me on facebook ; freespacetm@me.com or graphicriver, www.graphicriver.net/user/phantomore I would appriciate if you just would like contact me through SNS since I have that in hany 24 hours long, but the thred will also do, thank you doo much foryour help,


      P.S, I want also all the five things to work on one aimate project not interfeering with other ideas liek all five questions i had should run on one site,