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    Captivate in Robohelp

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      I have Captivate movies running in my Robohelp application. It works all fine except that when you load a page with a Captivate movie, you have to click the start button of the movie control twice to make it run. After that the control will work fine unless you reload the page and then you again have to double-click again to make the control work. Any ideas or should I maybe move to the Captivate Forum?

      Cheers, Axel
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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi Axel

          Here is a link to something that may help. Basically, I believe you are seeing the result of a change in the way the browser deals with objects. This was a result of a court order for Microsoft to comply with. So you can thank those that sued Microsoft for the kludge.

          Click here to read the TechNote

          Happy reading... Rick :)
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            Hi Rick,

            Great! You seem to be spot-on there. I've done most of the editing with Dreamweaver and Adobe offers an update of Dreamweaver including a solution for this issue. It shouldn't be too much of a trouble to sort this out.

            Cheers, Axel