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    Single MovieClip Drag and Drop to Multiple Targets

    RenderDragon1 Level 1

      So I've been sitting down for the past few hours trying to search the web for solutions about being able to drag and drop one MovieClip between multiple Targets. I have no idea and I am struggling to find anything that will help me with this. This is for a drag and drop class assignment and I would please like some help, if I may. Here's the general outline.


      The scene is a multiple-choice quiz. There are 3 statements lined up next to 3 boxes, these are my Targets. One movieclip appears in the corner, this is the item I wish to enable dragging and dropping into any of the 3 Targets. These targets are named seperately as target1_mc, target2_mc, and target3_mc. The movieclip that is the "selector" for the multiple-choice is named selector_mc.


      I only know the basic drag and drop script that was taught in class but that is only for a single target, not 3. An image has been provided below. To reiterate, selector_mc is the blue square in the uppermost part of the screen. Targets (target1_mc, target2_mc, target3_mc) are on the rightmost part of the screen. I want to let that blue square be able to be dragged and dropped onto the target areas and snap to any of them, invoking a response to it.