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    CS5.5 Mac Indesign crash associated with linguistics


      This problem has been plaguing me for two months. As soon as I open an Indesign document, the program crashes. I have discovered the following

      --deleting the Linguistics folder in Application Support for Indesign solves the problem, but then my user dictionary is gone.

      --until recently I was able to re-import a list of words exported earlier from the dictionary. Now importing also crashes the program.


      It would appear that something to do with the spelling system is getting corrupted, and deleting the Linguistics folder is the only solution. Does anyone have any idea what more fundamental error might be causing the problems with the spelling system? I have to confess I'm at my wits end on this...


      Running OSX 10.8.4 on an imac with plenty of RAM and HD space


      Nigel Strudwick