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    How to create a clickable hyperlink on a freestanding image?

    Jammer Jammer

      I have a small part time business doing all kinds of image editing.  I get most of my work on a particular site that facilitates the meeting of clients and freelancers


      I just recently was awarded a job and accepted the job.  Right AFTER that, there was from the client an "Oh yeah, there's just one more thing I need done", (happens ALL THE TIME).


      The job was to edit an ultrasound of a fetus and incorporate the image into an invitation to a baby shower.  OK, no problem, right?


      The "Oh yeah, I've got one more thing", was that she wanted me to put two places where the mother was registered for gifts and she wanted both of these places to be an active, clickable hyperlink.


      I've done a small amount of research and read a few ideas about "slicing" but all the tutorials appear to be speaking about doing this to an image on a website, which isn't what I need.  I need to create a freestanding image, one that could be attached and or inserted into an email to someone and one that you would be able to click on the text of an URL and it would be an active hypelink that would take you to the store's website.


      1.  Is this even a possibility?

      2.  If so, is it something that can be done ONLY with CS5 or would I need other software to accommplish this?


      Please remember, this is NOT to be part of a website, it needs to be a freestanding image that can be emailed and that has an active, working, hyperlink as part of the image.