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    Data Merge: Layout Adjusting to Varying # of Fields?


      Greetings all,


      A friend is producing a PDF report for different countries to show what diseases exist in each country. I think a data merge might work, but she will want to list information only about diseases that are present in a given country. Right now, there are blank / null cells in the spreadsheet for non-applicable diseases. Essentially, we’d like to collapse the display of any missing data fields (and its accompanying table) so that only relevant data is shown. So if we had three diseases total (A, B, C) and only two were present in a country (A & C), we’d like to produce:


      Table. Disease A

      Info, data in table


      Table. Disease C

      Info, data in table


      Is this possible using InDesign’s data merge (or another feature)? Perhaps using content placement options? Any other ideas? I think the goal is to have different tables for each disease, though I’m not sure if that will affect the process. Many thanks in advance for the help; my InDesign experience is very limited!