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    Help needed with numbering in InDesign CC!


      I am using InDesign CC to create a user manual that contains various headings/sub headings. I have used a Numbered List paragraph style for each heading/sub heading.


      I am trying to add a new section into the middle of the document but the numbering does not automatically correct itself...

      For example instead of the numbering going from 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0, it goes 1.0, 4.0, 2.0, 3.0.


      Does anyone know how to stop this from happening? Am now unsure whether I should be using Numbered Lists to number my headings...

      Any advice would be really appreciated...otherwise I'm going to have to renumber manually!!

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          Eugene Tyson Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          The only way I can think of that happening is that you've created separate text frames for your headers and separate text frames for your body text.


          Best practice is to use a single text frame and let the text flow.


          Your situation can happen as a result of how the numbering is applied with InDesign - it would apply the numbering to the fourth frame created - therefore regardless of its location on the page it will always be no.4.


          Create single text frame that flows from page to page




          This should have most of what is available in CC

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            Becky_CI Level 1

            Hmm...no I have a flowing text frame that runs throughout the entire document. I do have a Quickstart guide actually, which helped me get this far!


            The document was originally created in MS Word and I have recreated in InDesign by copy/pasting the text (which includes the headings) & entering into ID via the loaded cursor etc.


            I then created my heading paragraph styles and applied to the relevant bits of text (Numbering Style: Format = 1,2,3,4 and Number = ^1^t, have set Continue From Previous Numbering mode)


            I then copy pasted a new section into the middle of my document (didn't create any new frames to do this), and the numbering formatted as I described before... ><

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              Eugene Tyson Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Check the 4.0 one and ensure it's set to continue from previous.

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                Becky_CI Level 1

                Checked this - it looks correct to me, and no different from any of the other headings - as I said it's just a numbreed paragraph style so the same settings are applied to all headings.


                Looks like this isn't a simple one to sort out! Is there any other way to create automatically numbered headings? Maybe I should try a different approach?

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                  Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant

                  Is your paragraph stle set to continue numbering?

                  If yes, go the problematic paragraph, select it with right mous click and there might be to choose either restart or continue numbering. Such an error might be imported from Word. I recommend not to use Word defined styles, set up all styles completely in InDesign.

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                    roenoz Level 2

                    I am not entirely sure if based on my own understanding if this you really mean. Ex. A five page layout with Chapter / Section Numbering using Paragraph Style with Auto Page Number feature. You want to add extra pages between your current layout, however your main problem is that your Page Numbering is not on it's proper order or sequence.



                    Since you mentioned that your Text Frames are Threaded, then the possibility is InDesign auto generate page number based on the text frames sequences. Try to turn on your texts threads by going to

                    InDesign -> View -> Extras -> Show Text Threads (then click any text frames on your layout)

                    Shortcut: Option + Cmd + Y



                    For me the easiest way or to simplify your workflow I highly recommend download a 3rd Party Plugin for InDesign. Check this links out: Just follow the installation guide included in the zip files.





                    This Plugin will help you unthread your text frames easily, with this we will be able to unthread and re thread back InDesign Text Frames. To unthread your text frames, just go to API -> Text Stitch -> Auto Unstitch




                    Just click Ok

                    Going back to your InDesign file you will notice that your Chapter Page Number is not on its proper sequence, but this time we will thread it back again so that it follows it proper auto numbering sequence.



                    Click that square in the lower part of the text frame and when the cursor changes into a little rectangular with preview text, click the next frame to thread them. Repeat this to thread the next frame to the succeeding frames in your layout.




                    If you noticed that after Chapter 5 there is a extra text frame pointing to Chapter 3. You can just simply delete that Empty Text frame. And your Go to Go.



                    Hope this will help you.

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                      Becky_CI Level 1

                      Hi again - that's brilliant!! Thank you so much!


                      I'm having trouble getting that plug in to install and am in contact with the author...but anyway I managed to reorder the text threads by just copy/pasting the text into the right places. It might not have been the most streamlined method, but it's done the job (and I've learnt a new feature in the process)


                      Thank you again! I'll try out the plug in as well, that definitely looks like a useful tool as I imagine I'll come across this problem fairly often..