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    Web app to replicate blog posts as new forum topics?

    CWLMedia Level 2

      Hey all,


      So, I'm slowly getting to grips with BC (I think!) and I've got a bit of a conundrum for you all to think about...

      I'm sure it's do-able, the question is just "how?"....


      A prospective client wants a website with a blog and a forum (easy enough, right?), but they also want any new posts on the blog to automatically replicate that content into a new topic on the forum. I'm fairly confident this will be do-able using a web app; I'm just not entirely certain HOW!


      In essence, instead of the client posting content on the blog, and then copypasting manually into a new forum thread, the proposed web app would take care of this on their behalf, thus saving time and effort, and allowing them to just get on with creating content. Perhaps when posting to the blog, a simple check-box would determine whether or not to replicate the post as a forum thread, therefore giving them the "option" to keep some posts blog-specific?


      Basically, while they understand they can get a live comments feed on the blog, they want an active "discussion" of blog posts on their forum as well. I'm guessing the forum would be a secure zone for members only in this scenario.


      I think it's a great idea...I'm just not certain how to go about it! I should note web apps scare me a little! ha! (I'm a designer, dipping my toe into the development field! - Even tags scare me, but I'm getting used to them!)


      So can anyone help a newcomer figure this one out? How fiddly would it be? Has anyone already done this?


      Thanks in advance for any insight.

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          cedric@bc-experts.com Level 1

          No way to do this using the blog module as posts are written on admin and as long as it is on admin we cannot add scripts on the page.


          As what you have said - you can use webapps for the blogs, but are and will be limited to the modules surrounding webapps and cannot use tags from the blog module.


          You can then probably insert the webapp input field on a page together with the create forum post, grab the ID on the forms and do javascript that populates that field with what you have added on the webapp fields. This way, you are populating the 2 modules, Webapps and Forum


          Let me know if this works as I have just only thought about this now