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    Cannot get flash to work on either browsers.


      I've searched google for hours, and have read quite a bit of useful information, but unfortunately it did not work for me.   so here is my problem.


      I just restored my pc, installed only what I needed for my pc to work right now, video drivers, browsers, etc.   I install the latest version of flash.  every page i go too, it will not show my videos. 


      I'm running windows 7 54 bit,  Firefox 7.0,  IE 9.   firefox shows in my add on's that I do have flash installed, it's enabled, and should be working.  but it doesn't.  even when I go to adobe's page I don't see the animations I'm suppose to see. 


      I've uninstalled and reinstalled different versions of flash.  and still nothing works.  I'm not getting any errors that it didn't install correctly.  and I haven't installed my antivirus software yet, but Will once I get everything sorted out, so It couldn't be that.


      any help you can give me I would greatly appreciate it.  and any more info you need, I will do my best to give you that as well.