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    Has anybody gotten Zynaptiq Unveil to work in Pr Mac?

    Jim Curtis Level 3

      If so, which versions of the plug-and application, please?


      This looks in theory to be a boon to documentary editors, as it removes reverb and slapback due to poor audio recordings.  That's something that's plagued any editor of any significant experience.


      I downloaded the demo, and the plugs don't show up in the Inserts menu in CC.  It shows up in CS6, but the GUI is truncated and useless. 


      It doesn't show up in Au CS6 or CC either.


      I'm running OS 10.7.5.


      Zynaptiq tech support says they don't have a Mac with Premiere to test it on. 


      It works on MOTU Digital Performer on Mac.  Probably something about the way Adobe apps handle plug-ins is the problem.


      Worst case, I could process in DP, or the standalone Unveil app, export, and import into Pr.  But, it'd be a lot more convenient to get it to work in Adobe products.