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    Limits of Flex Data Service  Express

    pwp69 Level 1
      I have two PCs in my home office.

      On one ('websrv01') I have ColdFusion 7.0.2 and FDS Express for developing apps.

      On the other ('wrkstn01') I have eclipse 3.2 with a licensed version of Flex2 Builder plugin.

      I am playing with the Flex CRM sample app, trying to learn how to connect FDS to CF.

      From a browser on websrv01 I can invoke CRM and the datgrids get populated. This is good!.

      However, when I try to invoke the app from a browser on wrkstn01, the visual elements display fine but I don't get any data. Instead I get an alert (Error: Send failed).

      Is this a limit of FDS Express, or am I doing something wrong?

      My understanding is "The Express edition is a free, non-expiring commercial-use product limited to a single application running on a single CPU machine."

      I am running a single application on a single CPU machine. Why do I get the alert?

      Thx for any insight you can provide.