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    Interactive Page Curl - But printing?

    Phil Black Dog

      My client is insistent on having an interactive PDF (with mousover zooms, hyperlinks and so on) including a page turn. This is fine, I have read and done the tutorials on iPDFs (exporting as SWF, importing to Acrobat etc).


      However, the client wants his customers to be able to print from the iPDF, which seems reasonable, but the swf file has no pages that Acrobat recognises. I realise it won't print the page turns.


      Is there a way to get it to print? can you 'hide' a print version of the pdf inside, can you set the swf to recognise pages, is there a setting in InDesign's export to swf, or Acrobat's import, I can click?


      We're on cs5.


      Thanks in advance.