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    Help InDesign automatically relink to dead-link files in the same folder...

    wideEyedPupil Level 1

      I'm work on  244pp book atm and its made up of about 9 files. I've been sharing files via Dropbox shared folders and transfering other files to my local drives.


      Usually when someone else has saved the file and relinked images to their paths I only have to relink one file in a folder of AI files or images files and InDesign is clever enough to relink and update to all the files in that folder which it previously had links established too.


      Today when I was loading the files (converting from CS5 the other person used) in the book when I linked to a file InDesign DID NOT relink any other files. This meant manually linking of some 50+ files that were in about 3 different folders with very different file paths.


      The problem was compounded by the fact that Option (ALT) clicking on the relink button brought up an image which I could not establish the path too and so couldn't even automate generation of link dialogue boxes.Even if I had of, the rder seem to jump across the folders from page to page so rather thn do them all in one folder then all the others in another folder then the third folder it was a random like order jumping from folder to folder depending on image type placed on the pages. AI files in one folder, TIFF images in another and so on...



      SO..... Any solutions to get InDesign to be clever again and just link to all the files after it is relinked to one file. Fortuately this only happened in a couple of the files and generated relinking fun for maybe only 20% of total images but not looking forward to next time I have to do it. For now I'm asking other person  not to relink at there end, hopefully that will keep paths the same.