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    slight skip/glitch when joining clips




        I have a video camera that can only record up to 30 minute mp4 clips, and longer clips of AVCHD that are split up into

      30 minute segments.  Unfortunately, when I try to joing these 30 minute clips together there is a slight glitch/skip at the

      join point, at least when I'm playing back in the timeline (I didn't try exporting but I assume it still will be there.)

        Is there any way around this in Premiere Pro?

        I am really frustrated that the camera manufacturer doesn't allow recording of longer than 30 minute clips and that there

      are glitches when joining clips.  If it were possible to join smooth clips, you'd think Adobe would have covered it in their

      software (I'm hoping that's the case and someone will be able to tell me how to do it), and if it

      weren't possible, you'd think the camera manufacturer (Canon in this case) would allow for recording long continuous clips.