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    Pile-Shuffle Images Animation

    Bushy162 Level 1

      I have several images piled up on top of each other in a fan-like pattern (as in fanning a card shuffle). I'm wanting to create an animation that brings certain images to the top of the pile and shifts the rest down a level - like this:


      http://videohive.net/item/information-card-shuffle-ae-/108863?WT.ac=search_item&WT.seg_1=s earch_item&WT.z_author=MotionMania


      That example costs 10$:

      I'm considering purchasing it, but I have absolutely no idea whether it would work for images.


      The perspective effect as well as the 3D environment is delicious and would work great for my project, but it isn't essential.


      Please could you guys advice me on the route I should take,




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          joshweiland Level 2

          Looking at the example on VideoHive, I'm not seeing the "shifts the rest down a level" part.  I believe that's just an illusion of modifying the stacking order.


          Here's how I would do this:


          1. Create a layer for each photo and set the anchor point to the corner where they will all overlap.
          2. Create the "fan".  Rearrange the layer order to get them to stack properly.
          3. Animate the rotation property for each layer by using keyframes.  At the end keyframe, rotate the photo so that it's in the spot you want it to be located.
          4. To make the photo come to the top of the stacking order, move the current time indicator to a spot somewhere during the rotation.  Select the layer, then "Edit" menu-->"Split Layer".
          5. Make the new split layer the topmost photo layer.


          The Videohive example uses drop shadows on each card to simulate depth.  You could do this, too.


          Another option is to make the photos 3D layers, and modify the rotating photo's z-depth.  But that's more complicated.

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            Bushy162 Level 1

            Thank you Josh


            This is a very clear and thorough explanation.


            I hadn't paid enough attention to notice the fact of the illusion.

            I shall get working on these steps right away...


            Thank you!

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              joshweiland Level 2

              No prob.  Let me know how it goes!