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    Moving to Mac Mini, CS6 does not render Color Correction effects

    The Real George Jardine Level 1

      I've been correcting and rendering videos for playback on iPads using CS5.5 and CS6 on a 2011 laptop with OK success. The renders for the AppleTV require a slight gamma adjustment, so I'm using an RGB Color Corrector on it with a small gamma adjustment.


      I tried to open a CS6 project on the new Mac Mini that works fine on my laptop, and I get the error "This project was last used with Mercury Playback Engine GPU Acceleration (OpenCL), which is not available on this system. Mercury Playbacak Engine Software Only will be used."


      When I open the project, I can't see any of my gamma changes in the Program window, and if I try to render, AME throws "Error compiling movie. Unknown error."


      Curiously, I DO see the gamma changes in the Export Settings preview, but it won't render.


      A quick test removing the RGB Color Corrector, and everything renders fine.

      Any help out there?


      George Jardine