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    Cannot get Extension Manager to work


      I have installed a purchased CS6 64 & 32 bit.   I am trying to purchase some extensions and they say I have to use adobe exchange.  I downloaded the exchange file but nothing happens when I click on it.  So I researched and it says I need Adobe Extension Manager to open this exchange file.  So I tried to find where to download the CS6 version and ended up with the cloud CC version.  I was able to install it and open it but it failed to load the adobe exchange file with an error saying:

      Adobe Extension Manager

      Failed to install the extension 'AdobeExchange'. Please make sure the manifest.xlm of this extension is valid and the Extension Manager recognizes at least one produce which the extension supports.


      So I figured the CC Extension manager was incorrect since I have CS6.  So I uninstalled it from my control panel, then restarted my computer.  At this point I found the CS6 version of Extension Manager and I installed that.  I got a message saying that it installed correctly.    However, nothing happens when I click on it to open and it's not showing up in either my 64 bit Adobe CS6 or my 32 bit Adobe CS6  under the window>extensions  And nothing happens when I double click on the Adobe Exchange file either. I even tried to run as administer and nothing.


      All I want to do is purchase extensions bu this seems impossible.