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    ERROR:  User defined variable


      Hello All,

      I am using Robohelp 10 to create both CHM and multi-screen HTML.  I have been using user defined variables successfully within my project for some time, and now when I compile the project I am getting an error that implies that these are not defined.


      This screencast shows the error and also shows where I've defined the variable set, what the values are, and how I've assigned the variable set within the Project.  I also tried deleting one of them and then re-creating the field, but it isn't working.




      I have been mucking about within my Master Page but not sure if that relates to this issue.  I've also recently removed the Conditional Build tags because I think they were unnecessary for the project to acheive what I needed.  It doesn't seem like the Conditional Build tags would correlate to the user defined variables, but perhaps I'm mistaken.


      Any ideas - what would cause a user defined variable to become un-defined?

      Thanks much,