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    Indesign: selected objects




      I need a help concerning Indesign CS6.

      I'm trying to visualize the number of objects selected in a document, but can't find where this information is.

      Can you help me?


      Thank you very much.


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          Atelier Jloupf

          Hi Ceresyael,


          You mean how many object in one spread ? Cause you can't select many objects in different pages/spread.

          In this case, one solution is to select your objects, go to Edit>import and links (may be its not the right appelation, I've a french version of CS6)

          Capture d’écran 2013-07-24 à 21.54.18.png

          You would have a new panel opened with your selection imported and the number of object on the left top corner.

          Capture d’écran 2013-07-24 à 21.54.45.png


          I don't see anything else.


          Hope it's help.