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    Having some problems! Please help!


      Hi, I was watching a tutorial untill I got stuck in the middle of it and was hopeing if anyone could help me out. I know The tutorial is weird but I am just learning from it.

      Here is the tutorial link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zrSZxOALNRY      -  got stuck at 9:22

      So I dont know how he made the picture the same size each time he placed the png in the comp area because every time I place the 2nd pic its a different size and possistioned in a different area. If anyone could please help me I would greatly apreciate it. Also please dont tell me how you hate ponys and such I am just trying to learn. If you dont get what I am saying please tell me and I will try to re phrase it.

                                                  Thanks in advance! 

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          joshweiland Level 2

          In the tutorial, they're copying-and-pasting the "Transform" attributes from the first image to the subsequent ones.


          Position and scale the first image however you want.  Twirl down the arrow for the layer and you should see the "Transform" parameter.  Click on "Transform" and then copy ("Edit"-->"Copy" or CTRL+C).


          Highlight the next image and paste ("Edit"-->"Paste" or CTRL+V).

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            Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Its' not obvious but he simply copied all of the transform controls for the image them into the new images.


            His workflow is not good and the tutorial is lousy. It's much more efficient and works better to apply the puppet pin to footage before you size of scale it, do the animation and then nest or pre-compose your animation in another comp to add the background layers and adjust position.  Ideally you should line up your artwork for this kind of a project before hand. A good way would be to use a layered Photoshop or Illustrator file and import the project as a composition retaining layer sizes.


            So once again, select your sized and placed image. Press the U key twice to reveal all of the changed properties, select the changed properties, then paste them to the new layers as you import them. Unfortunately, in the tutorial he only breifly mentioned copy and then never said anything about pasting it to the new layers.


            The other option would be to duplicate your sized and placed layer as many times as necessary, then replace that layer with a new one from the project panel by selecting the layer in the timeline, then selecting the new footage in the project panel, then holding down the Alt/Option key and dragging from the Project Panel to the Timeline.

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              cameron.s Level 1

              Do you know any better tutorials like this then? If do I would love to see it because I have been looking for one and this is the closesed one I could find for what im looking for. Thanks in advance, Cameron

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                Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                You need to get down the basics of AE. Type "basic" in the Search Help field right inside AE and you'll get these tutorials. Go through the first 3 or 4 without trying to follow along just to get the basic workflow and techniques down.


                Then type 'character animation' or 'puppet pin' in the same search field and take a look at any of these or these resources. Any of the top hits will get you started.


                There's a ton of help out there, but you've got to have a few basic skills before any tutorial will help you do more than follow a recipe.